Meet the team

Putting a face to a name


Owner, Marketer

Lee Sheller Jr. has nearly a decade of experience in the online marketing world. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Business and Economics and he minored in Media Studies. Much of his focus was on marketing. Lee has been trained at some of the top marketing companies in the nation, and after exceeding in his corporate roles decided he wanted to help customers in a more intimate setting. He has helped many companies grow using the power of online marketing, and the online world literally changes day by day which is why he loves this space. Lee is never bored with his craft and is continuously learning new strategies and tactics to grow his client's businesses as well as his own. Furthermore, Lee takes great pride in attention to detail so he may understand the tone of his client's brands and accurately convey it to their current and future customers.


Senior Marketing Specialists

Nicole San Mateo is a Psychology undergraduate at the General Santos Doctors Medical School Foundation. In 2011, Nicole took a role as writer/researcher for an American media company that focused on the U.S. government contracting industry. Later, she took on other creative roles such as social media and project director. For over 9 years, Nicole has helped creatives and entrepreneurs build their start-up businesses online.  Nicole’s in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship along with her expertise and skills in both digital media and digital marketing allows her to work on both sides of the spectrum whenever and wherever needed. Before starting at Name Brand Marketer, Nicole headed the Marketing & PR for a travel & tourism company that offers exclusive yacht tours.


Marketing Specialist

Katrina Santos is a graduate from Southville International School affiliate with Foreign Universities and took up Hospitality Management. She is a former real estate account specialist and has gained experience in sales, marketing, and advertising. She has always been passionate about creative and graphic design as well. She loves to bake, do outdoor activities, photography, and meet new people. She is the type of person who doesn't give up easily and seizes every opportunity in front of her. Currently, she works on social media management and web designing. Katrina uses her skills and experiences here in NameBrand Marketer to help clients grow their online presence and boost their sales.