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Google vs Facebook – Which one is better for my small business?

The time has come and you know you need to put some money into marketing. You know that you don’t have a big budget, in fact (if your anything like me) you’re wondering how you can get by on a couple of hundred dollars per month and see a real impact. This is where the creativity wheels start spinning.

At least you have one thing figured out, print marketing has officially become largely irrelevant outside of brand and name recognition, and so you turn your attention to internet marketing. Two platforms stand out from the pack – Google and Facebook – and so you decide that it’s time to make a choice between the two, but which one should you choose?


Google has been a go to force for the last 20 years or so, and if you are looking to find a product or service in your area, everybody knows to go to Google. The only problem is that because it is such common knowledge and everybody knows to go to coveted search engine, competition can be high, and unless your making it to the first page you really aren’t going to be seen. This can be hard to do if your on a shoestring budget.

The first thing you need to do is look at some common search queries in you industry using the Keyword Planner. Some industries cost A LOT more on every cost-per-click than others.

If your a realtor this can be a great industry for you:

If your a lawyer it’s going to be tough:

Now although you can just put a maximum amount on your CPC so you don’t pay the suggested bid amount, it’s going to be hard to stay competitive when Johnny Legalfield is shelling out thousands of dollars per month on AdWords. So, ultimately the average CPC is going to be a big factor in if Google is right for your small business.


Let’s face it, Facebook is just hot right now (so hot), and with over 2 Billion users per month there seems to be a lot of attention on the leading social media platform. Although Facebook seems to have taken a slight dip in 2017 because the content was beginning to become like “junk food,” where there is endless scrolling without deep and meaningful engagement. However, the social giant has become so engrained in our society it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

With advertising expenses ranging in the .35c for every click, it can be an incredible way to raise awareness and generate leads, while Google is more focused on driving immediate sales. Furthermore, although clicks and impressions are great, you had better be using some kind of lead generation system to collect those views and engagements into a lead (somebody who give you their contact information).

The Conclusion

Ultimately it depends on what kind of industry you have, what your objectives are, and the nature of your audience. You should be using both platforms in your marketing strategy, but if your just getting started out it can be more lucrative to use Facebook to generate leads, so long as you are able to turn those leads into paying customers.

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