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NameBrand – Who We Are & What We Do

-We are a full scale social media marketing company who specialize in creating online brand awareness for small to mid-sized businesses. We utilize the most popular social media platforms that have the greatest number of users, which are currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. All of these platforms are different, and therefore we use different story telling methods and content marketing strategies to ensure that the targeted consumers listen to the desired brand’s story.

-There are two methods that we can use to brand awareness. The first is content marketing, branding, or as I like to say “jabs.” As marketers we create the shareable, relevant, value-driven content that ensures consumers always pay attention to your story.  Effective story-telling creates an emotion that reaches deep down, and makes people want to buy. At its best, they are not intrusive but instead bring forward value, and when done correctly fits in as a natural step along the consumer’s path to making a purchase. Stories are what make the consumer fall in love with the brand, the thing that makes them laugh, cry, feel appreciated, or feel loved.

Furthermore, we know that on social media the only way to create such a story is through native content. Native content empowers your story, it is meant to mirror all that makes a platform desirable for a consumer, the aesthetics, the design, the tone. The native content is also depicted on the platform, as each platform is unique and different and requires its own personalized content. While there is no need to change identity on the different platforms, different platforms allow you to highlight different aspects of your brand identity, and each jab you make can tell a different story.

As we engage through exceptional and genuine service we have found that these introductory punches are effective by themselves, and can even create ROI. However, while we have seen content marketing create ROI, the second method we use to create brand awareness is through ad campaigns, or “right hooks.” Plain and simple, right hooks convert traffic to sales. According to “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook,” by the New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuck, “todays perfect right hooks are always inclusive of three characteristics:”

  • They make the call to action simple-easy

  • They are perfectly crafted for mobile, as well as digital service.

  • They respect the nuances of the social networks for which you are making the content

Although we currently only specialize in social media marketing, I can see our company expanding into a full scale marketing company. There are three categories that most marketers are accustomed to, traditional, digital, and social. While we currently only handle social marketing, I can see us handling and being able to do so much more, including traditional and digital. I can envision our company creating commercials for Fortune 500 companies, print out thousands of hard copy ads, and much more within the next five years.

Industry Analysis:

-One of the biggest advantages to entering the social media marketing industry is the size of our market. Any businesses in the world (literally) can benefit from this, and therefore any business in the world is in our market. Even a manufacturing or distribution company could potentially benefit from this, however, we are currently honing our focus to companies that provide a product/service, as these businesses especially benefit from our services.

Moreover, one of the more exciting components of working this industry is how it is ever changing. While I doubt another platform will overtake Facebook as its user count triple the next largest platform, other platforms will continue to rise and fall, and it is our job to find out which platforms will create brand awareness most effectively and efficiently for our clients. While in 2006 YouTube was filled with nothing more than early adopters who post senseless content about how there talking parrot, and maybe how cool their dog looks in women’s underwear, as marketers it is our job to see through the early adoption phase and onto the future of the platform.

Competitive Analysis:

-Due to the fact that this is an emerging industry, there are currently no giants in the field. No Facebooks, no Googles, no Wal-Mart’s, or Microsoft’s, the industry is wide-open for the taking. In the local market there seem to be a handful of worthy competitors, the most notable from the Portland Metropolitan area being Bonfire Marketing, Sproutbox Media, Adpearance, and a few other notables. However, because we are going to be operating on a national, and even global scale, our competition immediately enlarges. Some of the people who we admire and have modeled our business after, such as Tai Lopez, and Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc., we hope to compete with in the next two years.

Many of these companies are established, have offices, and overhead, and therefore their costs are expensive. They charge much more than your average rate, and considering that we are a brand new company, our costs will be significantly lower to start. Furthermore, because the two owners have the advantage of growing up in a time of social media, it is not something that we have to learn so much, as it is we have to master. We understand the intangibles, the nuances, the reasons behind the like, and therefore we can separate ourselves from the competition

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